Digital Team Workspaces with nextcloud

Deploy digital work environments for productive and location-independent work in the team. Compliant with data protection regulations and under your own control.

You will remain insight about your data and for nextcloud there are no license costs.

Team file storage

A central file storage for the team, which can also be reached via the web browser. Different permissions can be defined, e.g. for the team leadership or financial accounting.

Integrated web-based office package

Task management

With nextxcloud Deck, the team has access to an easy-to-use task and project management solution, fully integrated in the web-based digital workplace.

Integrated task and project management

Online Meetings

With nextcloud Talk, a solution for online meetings, chat and webinars is available to the team. Each team workspace contains can have digital meeting rooms. The integration of external participants in online meetings is also possible.

Integrated online meetings


Nextclouds features can be extended by many modules. Customise your digital workspaces with workflows and many other features and customizations. We are there to help you find the solutions you need.

Many extensions and integrations


Modern digital workplaces: Your own Nextcloud

The use of the open source solution Nextcloud allows you to keep your data under your own control. This means that you handle complex compliance and data protection risks and avoid a dependency on an external provider.

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Microsoft 365 offers an extensive and powerful, but also very complex work environment. In many smaller organizations, the introduction of Nextcloud is faster and easier than the introduction of Microsoft 365. We will be happy to advise you which solution is more suitable for your organisation.

Fast and easy introduction into your organization

The introduction of digital workspaces with Nextcloud in your organisation and the onboarding of the staff is straightforward and cost-effective.

Get started!